In 1953, a bureau for earthquake studies was established under Ministry of Public Works and Settlement (MPWS). In 1955 this bureau was restructured in order to deal with earthquakes, floods and fires.


In 1965 General Directorate of Disaster Affairs (GDDA) was established. Considering the catastrophic earthquake and seismic hazard and risk of the country, In 1969 under GDDA, Earthquake Research Institute was established as a small unite.


In 1970, this small unit was restructured as General Directorate of Disaster Research Institute under MPWS.


In 1971 all duties and responsibilities regarding the floods were given to General Directorate of Hyraulic Works and Earthquake Research Institute was structured under MPWS.


In 1983, two directorates under MPWS were merged and named as General Directorate of Construction Materials and Earthquake Research.


In 1984, Earthquake Research Department was established under General Directorate of Technical Research and Implementation of MPWS.


In 1988, Earthquake Research Department was established under GDDA.


In 2009, by the establishment of Prime Ministry, Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, Earthquake Department established.




Main Duties of Earthquake Department

A. Determination of policies, standards on ;

- Risk management, earthquake preparedness and response studies,

- Planning for earthquake potential and earthquake affected areas,

- Determination and effective use of all public and private sources for earthquake preparedness, response and recovery, 

- Public awareness campaigns,

B. Consultancy to other departments related with earthquakes.

C. Secretariat of Earthquake Advisory Board,

D. Chair and Secretariat of National Seismology and Physics of Earth Interior Commission


 With an amendment to the duties of earthquake department made with Law. No.6525; Article 34, seismological data produced by universities, research institute, governmental agencies were made obligatory to transfer in real time to AFAD. In addition AFAD was charged the sole institute from the official declaration of earthquake parameters to the public.


Earthquake Department consists of 46 personnel and Dr. Murat NURLU has been acting as the head of department since March, 2015.


Distribution of the personnel in due to Professional title is given in below diagram.