According to the Earthquake Zonning Map of Turkey, dated 1997, %96 of Turkey’s land is located on different degrees of earthquake hazard. In order to decrease the loss of life and property earthquake safe settlement and construction must be realized.
Main duties of the work group are;

      To coordinate activities related with Seismic Hazard Map of Turkey

      To coordinate activities and training plans and programmes related with the earthquake safe construction at national level,

       To determine and guide the policies on earthquake resistant construction related issues,

       To perform investigations on earthquake engineering including the reduction of structural and non-structural risks,

       To follow-up national and international studies on earthquake risk reduction

       To coordinate the activities of National Earthquake Strategy and Action Plan (UDSEP-2023) among all stakeholders

       To conduct the secretarial Works of both Earthquake Advisory Board and Follow-up and Evaluation Commission of UDSEP-2023

       To perform and collaborate to post-earthquake field earthquake engineering and geological investigations

       To prepare post-earthquake visual maps by using GIS

       To coordinate the follow up and evaluation studies of AFAD Strategy Plan (2013-2017)