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Earthquake Zoning Map Index of Turkey


- This map prepared by the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement considering the latest knowledge and approved by the Government of Turkey and published in 1996. The earthquake zones determined by using the acceleration contour map that has calculated with the probabilistic method. It assumes that a normal construction, which has 50 years of economical life, may not be exposed larger than these expected maximum acceleration values with %90 probability. For the important constructions or buildings that has longer economical life, maximum acceleration values should be calculated.

- "Specifications for structures to be built in the disaster areas" refers to this map for the calculation of acceleration values that will effect the construction.

Earthquake zones of Turkey classified as fallow due to expected acceleration values

1st degree earthquake zone: more than 0.4g

2nd degree earthquake zone: between 0.3g - 0.4g

3rd degree earthquake zone: between 0.2g - 0.3g

4th degree earthquake zone: between 0.2g - 0.1g

5th degree earthquake zone: less than 0.1g

g: gravity(981 cm/s*s)

*This map has been prepared by using the report named "A Seismic Zones Map of Turkey Derived from Recent Data" which was prepared by Polat Gülkan, Ali Koçyiğit, M.Semih Yücemen, Vedat Doyuran and Nesrin Başöz (METU Civil Engineering Dept. Earthquake Engineering Research Center) and presented to the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement, General Directorate of Disaster Affairs as a fınal report of project 92-03-03-18 in January 1993.