National Earthquake Investigation Program

Every Earthquake event and its direct and indirect consequences reveals us that earthquake mitigation efforts have not reached to a desired level. 1999 Kocaeli and Duzce earthquakes, with its cosequences, caused a shift from response to disaster reduction. For this purpose, Earthquake Strategy and Action Plan, a national road map in order to reduce earthquake losses and secure earthquake resisting living environment prepared and officially launched in 18 August 2011. UDSEP-2023 consists of 87 actions structured under 29 strategies, 7 Goals and 3 main thematic groups. 13 organisations are responsible from the realization of actions with almost 200 related organisations. 

In order to realize the actions of UDSEP-2023, the strategy document also defined primary target in order to identify priorities for Research and Development topics. As an action, UDSEP-2023 proposed to set up a programme to support guided multidisciplinary research projects.  With the legislation dated 27 April 2012, National Earthquake Research Fund was established.

UDAP aims to support Projects on; scientific researches of geological, geophysical and earthquake engineering disciplines in order to create new tecchnologies and information on earthquake investigations. UDAP also supports projects on social sciences.

Some examples to UDAP supported projects are; national level paleosesimology project of General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration and revision of earthquake zonning map of Turkey in collaboration with Turkish National Catastrophic Insurance Pool (DASK).

Total number of 21 projects have been supported until now (January, 2015) and main funding of this programme is provided by Ministry of Development. AFAD, with a special group structured at Earthquake Department also provides secretariat for the necessary implementation and follow up of UDAP supported projects.