The First Strong Motion Observations in Turkey was initiated in 1973 under the Ministry of Republic Works and Settlement General Directorate of Disaster Affairs. But since 2009, it has carried on its activities under the Prime Ministry, Disaster and Emergency Management Authority Earthquake Department. In Turkey, Strong Motion Observations are just operated by AFAD at the national scale. Besides, TR-NSMN is not only one of the greatest regional acceleration data provider in the Europe and Middle East, but also one of the greatest in the world.

SM Stations are mostly deployed around dense cities where suffer from strong earthquakes and broad fault rupture zones such as North Anatolian Fault Zone (NAFZ), East Anatolian Fault Zone (EAFZ) and Aegean Graben Systems. At present, the TR-NSMN is equipped with 658 three-component digital accelerometers.

In general, activities of working group;

  1. To develop SM Stations interms of both number and quality in manner of meeting the country needs.
  2. To determine the forces led to damage
  3. To analize data coming from SM stations throughout the Turkiye, to share analized data with community and to prepare report for M>=4.5 EQs.
  4. Afterwards an earthquake, for the purpose of shedding light on effective emergency response to disaster area, PGA, PGV and intensity maps are generated from both estimated and measured accelerations by means of AFAD-RED (Rapid EQ Damage and Loss Estimation System). 
  5. To generate Intensity Map obtained from "Did you Feel it?" Questionnaire.
  6. To produce and archive data for engineering seismology and earthquake engineering researchers.
  7. To create erthquake senarios for earthquake hazard mitigation and risk studies.
  8. To cooperate with relevant establishments, unions and commissions at the international and national areas.