Turkey Seismological Observation Network Working Group


In the declaration of the Earthquake Council in 2004 in İstanbul, it was concluded that “the monitoring of the earthquakes at national scale, recording, evaluating, archiving and informing public has to be carried out under a developed “National Earthquake Observation Network”.

Within this scope, “ Telemetric Network which consisted of 12 stations upgraded to, world class, high data quality, real time “Turkey National Earthquake Monitoring Network” with implementation of the National Seismological Observation Network Project.

As of August 2015, number of weak motion stations reached to 231.



  • To operate “Turkey Earthquake Data Center of Turkey”
  • To observe and evaluate the earthquake activity of Turkey and near vicinity 7 days/24 hours,
  • To calculate earthquake parameters (location, magnitude, depth, time)  as confidently and quickly and to inform crisis management centers promptly,
  • To determine earthquake source parameters (fault plane solutions),
  • After the destructive earthquake, to follow the seismicity of disaster area with aftershock studies,
  • To share earthquake informations with universities, public institutions and researchers.
  • To provide collaboration with international seismological agencies (such as USGS, EMSC, ORFEUS, ISC, JICA, GFZ)